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Chametz Sale

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In preparation for Pesach, it’s time to sell your chametz!

By filling out this form, I/we hereby give Rabbi Greyber authority to sell all leavened bread (chametz) in my/our possession as well as the place, or places, in which it may be stored.

One of the minhagim (customs) regarding the sale of chametz is to use that time as an opportunity to make a pledge to tzedakah in the category of ma'ot hittin, which literally means "wheat money," and refers to the obligation Jews have to ensure that other Jews have the means to celebrate Pesach. As you plan for your expenses regarding your observance of Pesach, please plan generously with others in mind. The donation you give when you sell your chametz will help needy Jewish families afford Passover meals and will go a long way to helping others in the community to celebrate their holiday with dignity and joy. 

Donations to the Rabbi's Discretionary Fund are suggested. You have the option to donate via credit card on this form. Checks can be made payable to the Rabbi's Discretionary Fund (note Chametz Sale in the memo line) and mailed to Beth El:

Beth El Synagogue
Rabbi's Discretionary Fund
1004 Watts Street
Durham, NC 27701

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Wed, June 19 2024 13 Sivan 5784