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New Member Registration 2020-2021


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Welcome to the Beth El community!
Filling out the form below will help us get to know you (and any family members). It is also how you pledge or pay annual membership dues. 

We are here to help with any questions! Reach the office at +1.919.682.1238.

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Talmud Torah is Beth El's religious school for students in Pre-K through Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Classes meet once or twice weekly (depending on age). Our school is a warm, welcoming and inclusive learning environment. Teachers engage students and equip them to become thoughtful, socially-conscious and Jewishly literate members of their community. We use a flexible tuition model that allows you to decide how much you are able to contribute towards your child’s formal Jewish education at Beth El.

You can enroll your child(ren) in Talmud Torah once you complete membership registration. The link will be included in the confirmation email you receive after submitting this form. You can email Beth El Education Director, Alexandra Bicks with any questions:

Our community members are the heart of everything we do -- from religious services to cultural programs, events and holiday gatherings. It all happens because of you. Membership dues and donations are an important part of the investment that keeps Beth El running, but we also rely on time and effort from volunteers. Below is a list of areas where fantastic lay leaders are already working and would welcome your contribution. We can use you for 15 minutes or for an entire day. 

Check the boxes where you want to get involved or learn more.

Enter their information below.

If you wish to have the name(s) of your beloved departed listed in our annual Yizkor memorial booklet, please fill in the fields below. We will confirm this information with you prior to next year's High Holidays.
List your name(s) as you'd like them to appear.
Please list the names of those you'd like to remember. You may also include their relationship if you'd like.


Dues are not fees for service, just as our synagogue is not merely a building. Beth El is a community. Membership is a relationship – a loving commitment with the Jewish people and a statement of mutual support. Membership dues and contributions provide the financial foundation for all that Beth El stands and strives for. About 60% of our operating budget is funded by dues, and 20% by Annual Fund donations. Fixed dues levels are set by calculating the amount, per household, that will provide the majority of funding we need to meet the community’s wants and needs. Rates are proposed by the Board and voted on by the congregation.

We are driven by the principle that anyone who wants to be part of our community can join, regardless of personal financial circumstances. Membership should be accessible and irresistible. If you cannot afford to pay the full dues amount, we will absolutely meet you at a level you can afford. This is called “Adjusted Dues” and the process is simple and confidential: you define what a significant contribution is for your household and tell us about it. Unless your circumstances change, you only need to apply for adjustment once per year, through this membership registration and renewal form. 

Our Beth El community cares about you, and we need everyone to give what they can to make it work. If you're unable to pay our standard dues amount, please tell us what you are able to pay to support the synagogue this year, help us understand your financial circumstances, and how we can support you in the year to come. Alan Friedman, our Executive Director, is the only person who will read what you write. He will remove your name and any identifying details, then share your story with 2 or 3 congregants, not as an "approval process," but so that he doesn't bear the burden alone of how to make our finances work and how to support each person in our community as best as we can. If you prefer not to write your story here or have any questions, please contact Alan Friedman at either or 919-682-1238 to set up a time to talk.


The Annual Fund makes up the gap in what dues cover, and allows us to welcome everyone, regardless of the amount they are able to pay, with open arms. Dues adjustments are possible to members who need them because other members are able to contribute above the standard dues amount, and regularly do. If you are able, please consider making a pledge to the Annual Fund.

Previously, Annual Fund solicitations have come in the winter, after the High Holidays. This year you are able to pledge or pay your Annual Fund contribution at the same, via this form. You are still welcome to keep them separate if you prefer. If so, just leave this section blank and we will follow up with you at the usual time.


Kiddush is an important part of the culture of Beth El. It is about more than just noshing. Physical distancing does not eliminate the need to eat. In fact, for some families, it makes it more challenging. When the Beth El building is closed, the synagogue remains open. We continue to feed our families with Community Shabbat Dinners To Go and special deliveries. As we head into the Jewish New Year with distancing in place, it is important to sustain, or ideally grow, our Kiddush Fund; individual deliveries of meals and groceries are inherently more expensive and becoming a more common request.

We ask for a family contribution of $136. In the past, many families have opted to prepare a Kiddush meal on their own, or as part of a volunteer group. However, with fewer opportunities to gather in the Beth El kitchen, that option is not ideal. There are still ways to volunteer, including as a delivery driver. If you select that option, please elaborate in the space provided.

The Sisterhood and the Men of Beth El (MOB) are fellowship groups for female-identified and male-identified members, respectively. Each group also leads service projects through the year. If you would like to join -- for yourself or on behalf of someone in your household -- you may pay those dues below.
Membership is complimentary for the first year, and $40/year after that.
The yearly membership fee is $18

You are not expected to pay in full today. (Though you are welcome to.) The total amount above is your pledge to Beth El for the year. You can establish a payment plan that concludes by April 30, 2021. These are your options for paying your total pledge:
  • ACH Autodraft / Echeck: you will be prompted to complete the transaction in a single sum or recurring charges (payment plan)
  • Credit Card: you will be prompted to complete the transaction in a single sum or recurring charges (payment plan)
  • Physical Check(s) by Mail: you will select "Bill to My Account" and send your payment(s) to the synagogue office
  • Stock Transfer: you will select "Bill to My Account" and then contact the office for further instruction

Type your full name to acknowledge 1) I have read the information provided in this form, 2) I understand the dues structure and 3) my financial commitment is accurate for my household size and income level.

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You will then be directed to a payment confirmation page to add this financial commitment to your account. Your information will not be saved until you complete the subsequent payment confirmation page.

Mon, October 18 2021 12 Cheshvan 5782