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Advanced Torah Trop class with Jeff Derby

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Advanced Torah Trop Class with Jeff Derby


February 15 and March 15
7:00 pm

"The ta'am of the ta'amim:  How the ta'amim deepen our understanding and interpretation of the text"

Ta'am  (טעם): definitions include taste, flavor, purpose, and a cantillation mark ("trope").
In this course, we'll discuss how the ta'amim, through their purpose and 'flavor', provide for listeners and also for the reader a deeper understanding of the Torah text.

Topics to be covered include:  how the ta'amim influence pronunciation, including the position of a ta'am on a word;  distinguishing between ta'amim that look alike and why this is important;  and how the ta'amim indicate how a verse should be parsed and which words or phrases in a verse are stressed.

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Sun, April 2 2023 11 Nisan 5783